Don't Forget to Celebrate the Small Victories of 2017 with colorful balloons on a white background

2017 Highlights + End Of The Year Challenge

With all the excitement of new goals and ideas for the new year, it can be easy to forget to take a moment to reflect on all the positive experiences and accomplishments that happened in the past year.

Like we mentioned in our Tips for More Happiness & Productivity, it’s important to enjoy the small victories while working towards larger goals.

A computer with colorful keys next to agave and a cup of coffee on a wooden surface to remind you Don't Forget to Celebrate the Small Victories of 2017

Chris Bailey of the Productivity Project, says “the nature of our brain is to remember the things we’ve completed less than what we have in progress.” It happens to all of us! He suggests keeping a running list of the things you’ve accomplished in order to remember to be nicer to yourself.

If I let myself go on autopilot, I tend to ignore the things that I have completed while paying attention to the endless amounts of things I have NOT done. It’s a slippery slope once I start getting into that cycle. This is why I like to create end-of-the-year posts that list the positive things we have done this past year before diving into the endeavors we have slated for 2018!

Onto the highlights…

Don't Forget to Celebrate the Small Victories of 2017 like this wall of small shelves with rocks on each one

#1. We made our very first video tutorial!

Two white plates with pork and salad on a rustic wooden surface to remind you Don't Forget to Celebrate the Small Victories of 2017

#2. We had our first guest feature post!

Two hands holding a pile of Morel mushrooms for to remind you Don't Forget to Celebrate the Small Victories of 2017

#3. We experienced our very first mushroom foraging trip!

A man and woman sitting on snow with mountains in the background smiling at the camera

#4. We celebrated our 1st Anniversary! We spent the weekend exploring Crater Lake and camping at Union Creek.

Two women and a man smiling at the camera at the Central Oregon Daily News studio after an interview

#5. Kristen had her first TV interview!

A before and after photo of a bar cart nook with shelves and a bright yellow statement wall

#6. We finally finished our bar cart nook!

A girl with sunglasses on holding a beer at Crux with a Best of CO certificate with people in the background so we Don't Forget to Celebrate the Small Victories of 2017

#7. We got our first blog award!

A bird card in front of an agave plant and rock on a wooden shelf

#8. Kristen launched her Busy Bird website and had her first booth experience at Fall Fest!

A nikon dslr camera next to an All Access media badge on a wooden surface

#9. We got our first media badge! This was to attend the Swivel conference in town!

A unique pietersite stone engagement ring with yellow gold

#10. We sold our first engagement ring! Many of you may not know it, but we have been designing a couple variations of engagement rings based off of the one Jake created for me when we got engaged. The design complements the one-of-a-kind rocks and minerals that we have collected over the years. It’s a very special project that we have been slowly building upon and are so happy that Nico and Tessa get to enjoy one of our rare creations : )

A rickety bridge surrounded by green grass and trees

End of the year challenge:

  1. Think about all of the things you are proud of that happened this year and write them down (Shoot for 10 at least).
  2. Briefly reflect on each one, big or small.
  3. Now celebrate!

This is such a simple idea, yet can be challenging to think that far back! (Having a blog helps, because it’s all documented already!) I must say it was very therapeutic and I think I’ll try to do this more frequently throughout the year. Rounding them all together and marking the moment with a celebration helps to pump out feelings of appreciation and motivation. This will help build momentum for the things you hope to accomplish in the future!

I hope this helps get your 2018 off to a positive and celebratory start! Happy New Year everyone!!

With Love,

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