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Greetings from Bend! Kristen Riggle here with my husband, Jacob! Together we are the creators of Homey Homey, a lifestyle blog that focuses on getting the most out of life without breaking the bank. We love to live it up and soak up every moment we can. At the same time, we are still paying off good ol’ student loans. We’ve found that with a little bit of planning and resourcefulness, it’s still possible to create the lifestyle of your dreams! Here we share about our home projects, travel, favorite food+drinks, and adventures in Bend! We both come from art+design backgrounds which weaves itself into everything we do and we hope you find a little inspiration here, too : )

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This is me, Kristen!  I was born and raised in Southern California, but have always been a midwestern girl at heart.  My mom is from Wisconsin and we spent a lot of time with my amazing family there over the years.  I went to Loyola Marymount University for art and went on to get my Master of Arts in sculpture at California State University, Northridge. You can see my artwork here or buy my illustrations here or follow me on instagram here. I’m also in the process of writing a children’s book which you can read more about here!

Favorite indulgence: Frozen Custard from Kopp’s
Favorite drink: Bloody Mary (daytime)/Jake’s famous spicy marg (evening)
Favorite plant: My Monstera Deliciosa (a bday gift from Jake)
Favorite thing to do: art/camp/dance/play Boggle

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This is my main squeeze, Jacob (I always call him Jake)! He grew up in Montana and moved to Hawaii during high school.  He went to Loyola Marymount University, as well, where he studied graphic design. He currently works as the Web and Graphics Coordinator for the City of Bend. He also makes some really awesome furniture! You can see his work here or follow him on instagram here.

Favorite indulgence: Eating sushi and shopping for bike parts/audio equipment
Favorite drink: Golden Milk (non-alcoholic) Old Rasputin (alcoholic)
Favorite plant: My habanero plant
Favorite thing to do: camp, road trip, mountain bike, hike

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Last but not least, this is Mojo Bear! He is our favorite, fluffy sidekick who is always happy to accept food or cuddles!

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